Nicola Abraham is a London based photographer.

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The world around us, and our individual experiences within it are wholly unique. Trying to capture these experiences within the world, be that through my own interaction with different landscapes or another's interaction with the environment around them is an exciting challenge.   

I am a 23 year old psychology graduate born in the south of England, currently living and photographing my way around Copenhagen. My love for photography began during my travels; I found experiencing new cultures gave me creative inspiration that drew me to document my journeys visually. Most of my photography work began on 35mm film, starting with a curiosity for my dad's vintage film cameras lying around while I was growing up. Many years of trial and error, learning what photographs well, and how to develop film gave me a fondness for the timeless, nostalgic feel of analog photography. With the constant progression of the photographic world, I now find myself shooting both film and digital photography; specializing in landscape and portrait subjects. 

When combined, a convergence of light, composition and timing can express a moment in time beautifully. The joy I feel when that moment is captured is at the heart of my work as a photographer.